Participants in the conference can stay at the hostel near the department or at nearby hotels.
І. Hostel of the Department for Information Qualification and Lifelong Learning (DIQLL)


Address: Varna 9010

1 Boris Bozhkov Str.

Residential area (ZhK) Briz, Primorski region


DIQLL hostel is a five-storey hostel building with no elevator. There are 131 rooms and 5 apartments overlooking the sea with no balconies. All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms. Rooms fall in two categories depending on the overall conditions and furnishing. First category rooms provide cable TV, mini fridge and air-conditioning.

The hostel provides wireless Internet connection

Price per night at DIQLL – Varna

  1st Category 2nd Category
apartment 50.00 BGN
single room 30.00 BGN
double room (price per 1 bed/person) 20.00 BGN
three-bed room (price per 1 bed/person) 19.00 BGN 16.00 BGN
four-bed room (price per 1 bed/person) 15.00 BGN
extra bed 12.00 BGN


The complex also has a self-service cafeteria with 180 seats which can offer breakfast, lunch and dinner (as a pre-order or a free sale on the day of the meal).

The menu includes meat and vegetarian soups and main meals, desserts, salads and snacks.

The daily bar provides all sorts of refreshments in a comfortable atmosphere.


Contacts and booking: Hostel reception

tel.: (052) 301 228


If you wish to stay at the hostel of the Department for Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning, located in the residential area of Varna, please fill in the RESERVATION FORM.

Other accommodation options

  • Nearby hotels – near Pochivka bus stop
  • Remote hotels – in Varna and in the nearby resorts of Saints Constantine and Helena and Golden Sands


ONLINE booking: